Orthopedic Tennis Shoe/Diabetic Foot Problems

Hey everyone did you know that diabetes causes many foot problems? Diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet causing you to not feel heat, cold, or pain.  This lack of feeling is called sensory diabetic neuropathy. If you loose feeling in your foot, you can not feel cuts or persistent pain and if you have nerve damage where the nerves make the muscles work properly, this could make you put to much pressure in one area of your foot causing pressure points or foot ulcers. Diabetes also affects your blood flow and when you have inadequate blood flow, your bad circulation makes it difficult for sores and cuts to heal and you can also develop gangrene (the death of tissue due to a lack of blood). There are several risk factors which can increase the individual with diabetes chances for developing foot problems such as shoes which are fitted poorly. Wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes are important for everybody, but if you have diabetes good fitting shoes are vital.



  1. Very informative, thanks for all the good info. I will definitely tell my friends to look here when foot problems arise and to find proper styles to help

  2. Hi Dana
    I had no idea there could be so many different problems with our feet. I just know that my feet swell a lot because I have RA so it is so much more comfortable to wear trainers. I have to wear heels at work which plays havoc with my feet. I was surprised about the connection with diabetes. I really enjoyed going through your site, thank you for sharing it.

    • Hi Roselle,
      Thank you for visiting my site and yes people can have many problems with their feet. It is too bad that there is not a better alternative for you other than having to wear heel that hurt your feet to work. Maybe if you are able to, keep a pair of slip-on tennis shoes at work and then when you are sitting, going for lunch or leaving work you could put them on and give your feet a little break.

  3. I have diabetes and every time I see my doctor he pokes my feet with a pin to see if I can feel it (he doesn’t push it through just put the needle to my feet). So far so good. No foot issues yet. This is one of the reasons exercise is so important. Thank you for posting.

    • Hi Hillard,
      Exercise is very important because it helps with poor circulation. There is increased risk of developing foot problems when you have diabetes such as nerve damage or neuropathy and having your doctor check your feet is very important. Has your doctor recommended a specific shoe that you should wear?

  4. Thanks for sharing.

    My father has always suffered from diabetes so this is very interesting.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Does your father wear diabetic friendly shoes and socks? There are a variety of men’s cross-trainers, tennis or running shoes that are diabetic friendly now as well as inserts that may provide more arch & heel support.

  5. Thanks for your insight. I don’t have diabetes but I am on my feet most of the day and find compression socks help with pain. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Greg,
      Compression socks are great for people who suffer from swollen and achy feet, ankles, and legs as well as other types of issues with these areas. They provide support and prevention for multiple disorders and are good for increasing blood circulation. The combination of compression sock and tennis shoes that offer good support and stability is a great prevention strategy for future issues.

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