Best Deals On Name Brand Shoes


  1. Hello DanasweetP. Thank you for sharing this post. I am always finding ways to save money without breaking the bank when it comes to shopping for shoes. I love to be out and about and it is always difficult in finding the right price for the perfect shoe. Great website!

    • Hi Yesenia,

      I am always looking to save money on shoes too. I found that when I am out shopping, I can look on Amazon and find the same thing for cheaper and they carry all the brand names. I am going to keep updating and adding to the store so please keep checking. The tennis shoes and sneakers this year are amazing and I featured some outfits that they can be paired with in the category box and I will be adding accessories also. Thank you for your response and visiting my website.

  2. I love the shoe designs you are featuring on your website. The colors and styles are really nice. I also like the fact that many of them are affordable. I noticed that some of them are sold for less ton Amazon than in the store front! Sneakers are my favorite because they provide both comfort and style. Do you know what colors are trending this year? Thanks!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for checking out my store and I am glad you liked what I was featuring. I will be updating regularly because I love love love this trend. This year has shown no limits with tennis shoes and sneakers. Bright bold statement maker are the trend this year. I just bought a pair of high-top sneakers with every color imaginable on them and they look great with a pair of cuffed jeans and a bomber jacket. Classic whites such as ballet flats, loafers or laced up look great with dresses and skirts and those never go out of style. If you are wearing a solid color dress or skirt, you can rock some color with your footwear. Another thing that is very popular right now is the metallic sneakers. It all depends on what you are wearing and what your personal preference is. With this trend you can go all out with your footwear and look trendy and stylish and the best part is, you are also rockin comfort all day long. I don’t know if you have seen the new Kendall and Kylie line but they have some really unique styles and they are featured through Amazon too. If you have any questions about specific outfits and pairing your personality with your footwear feel free to contact me I love feedback and new ideas.

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