PRODUCT NAME: Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe    
Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $119.95 to $144.95
Owners: Dr. Zen Morgan

Product Overview

I have always found it difficult to find shoes that support my foot brace without buying two different sizes of the same shoe and over the years I have spent an enormous amount of money doing this. Dr. Zen Morgan Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth shoe provides  removable spacer insoles. By removing an insole the shoe becomes 1 width wider to support a foot brace, swelling, pronation, and certain deformities. These shoes provide support and comfort in a stylish way.

For the sake of your foot health, wear shoes that are supportive and comfortable to prevent common side effects of diabetes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause rubbing or pinching of anyone’s feet and can lead to sores, ulceration and foot injury. But good fitting shoes are especially important for someone who has diabetes simply because the diabetic does not feel the injury until it is too late. Wearing properly fitted shoes the can ensure support, comfort, and good air circulation prevent these injuries from occurring especially if you have diabetes.


Pros: Dr. Zen Morgan Therapeutic Shoes are very comfortable and fits all standard foot shapes.  They have removable spacer insoles to accommodate different size widths built right into the shoe. They are light weight and have 3/8″ depth, rocker sole, seamless construction, rigid shank, thomas heel, reinforced counter, breathable material, achilles tendon support and come in different widths C-D, E-2E, 3E-4E.

Cons: The heel counter breaks down after time do to continually being under pressure from using a AFO. Because og the depth of the shoes, the may cause some rubbing in the ankle area. 

WHO Is The Product For

This product is recommended for women who have diabetes or other foot problems, but can also be used for women who want a comfortable and supportive shoe.


This product can be found at and if you are a prime member you can receive next day delivery and free returns.


Women’s therapeutic diabetic shoes have many price points and can sell for as high as $300.00 dollars.  Dr Zen Morgan therapeutic shoes represent a new direction in the design at affordable prices.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Dr. Zen Morgan shoes come in a variety of trendy styles and offer great support and comfort for people who have a variety of foot problems. They accommodate foot braces and swollen feet with their extra wide widths and offer comfort and support.  Because of the depth of these shoes, they offer ankle support even on those days when you do not want to wear a brace.  It is the most comfortable by far shoe I have worn.