Lose The Rules

Deciding on what type of footwear to compliment your outfit has never been so easy.  We no longer have to make the painstaking decision to put on those three to six inch heels that we think work so well with our outfits. Now we have the not so tough decision to rock a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers that can compliments jeans and dresses in a flirty stylish way and keep our feet healthy and happy.  If your like me and have given up on uncomfortable high heels and have been in search for a better alternative to be able to stay on your feet all day and still look feminine, think outside the box and check out some style tricks that sneakers and tennis shoes can offer. In the mean time you will be saving your feet from developing hammer toes, bunions, dislocated or sprained ankles, fractures, and ligament tears and other damage that can develop over time.

There are a few do and don’t to wearing our favorite footwear but lets not get carried away.  In most instances, I say lose the rules and have a blast developing your own style. Still, if you are not sure how to wear your favorite footwear, I will go over some of the main rules to get you started. If you are looking for shoes to provide support and to help alleviate foot problems, Amazon has a wide selection of shoes that provide support, comfort, and trendy styles.

There have been many rules listed about how to wear your sneakers and tennis shoes to work and though I agree that they should be worn clean, I am inclined to say lose the classic white style rule and rock some color. Wearing a pair of cuffed white pants and a classic pair of sneakers is a chic way to sport a work style, but pairing this look with a pop of various colors from your favorite sneakers can look incredibly cool and fashion forward. Don’t limit yourself, a solid color pencil skirt can also be enhanced with a pop of color when sporting a pair of your favorite slip-on tennis shoes or you can rock your feminine look with a flirt dress paired with pop-o-colored sneaks for a sporty-chic look. Don’t be afraid to play around, you can rock either solid color sneakers or flirty bright sneakers with dresses or skirts to bring your look together.

We all grew up wearing sneakers and tennis shoes and if you love the classic look, continue to wear them, but don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and inspire your outfits with new ideas. The classic look continues to be one of the most stylish trends out there and you can wear them with anything even with dresses and skirts, but adding a little bit of a cool factor can kick your outfit up a notch. There is a variety of colors and styles from slip-on to high-tops so you can make a statement with wearing sneakers that stand out, this is a good way to rock your own style and personality.

If your like me and love socks, let your socks and sneakers be the focal point of your outfit. You can wear a pair of cuffed or rolled up pair of jeans or pants with your favorite sneakers or tennis shoes that show off your love for socks. Remember though that there are some styles where socks would not be appropriate such as with low-cut sneaks, If you wear pants and sneakers that show off your ankles, have a pair of low-rider socks handy that can not be seen to sport this look.  Wearing no show socks with your favorite pair of sneakers is also practical, because it will prevent you from getting into a stinky situation.

So here you go and its time to have fun. Sneakers and tennis shoes can dress up an outfit in a trendy fashionable way that talks to your own unique sense of style or it can dress down an outfit that lets you wear fancier clothing in a more cool casual way. If you have clothing in your closet that you have not worn because of practicality issues, take another look and see if you can wear a cheeky pair of tennis shoes that can give your outfit an element of style. Every women wants to look fabulous and sacrifice practicality for fashion, but its time to give your feet a break and give up those killer heels. Look gorgeous can be achieved by wearing an awesome pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. Check out some of the styles we just talked about and see if anything catches your attention.

Classic casual stripes that is comfortable and looks great.

Summer has never been so much fun.

Colors can give any outfit a pop.

The classic high-top look rocks and is super popular.
Sneakers pair with anything, especially the tomboy look.

Color screams fashion.

Dress up in comfort and style

Cool and casual

Flirty and fun

Comfortable and sexy

Work out in style

Sneakers down the aisle



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